Our approach to problem solving is smart and straightforward. We teach you and your team how to discover and explore the possibilities of your business.

We can bring together all of your resources to break through the challenges of your industry. We’ll help you define your goals and draw a practical map for you to reach them. We’ll motivate your team – and help them to inspire each other.

We aren’t satisfied with business as usual. We aim for business in a league of its own.

Our Services will assist you to move your business confidently forward.

Guided Workshops

  1. Business Insight – Define what you do, and gain big-picture perspective on how your business works. Bring clarity to the complex and ‘hidden’ processes that shape your day-to-day. Understand where your real value to customers resides. Know who you are and what you care about. 
  2. Opportunity Exploration – When faced with a new business opportunity or a complex business concern, never struggle with ‘Where to start?’ again. Learn a repeatable process for properly framing your business challenges, identifying barriers to overcome and exploring latent potential.
  3. Customer Insight – Identify who to speak to, how to reach them and what to ask. Use the insights you gain direct from your customers to create better ways to satisfy them. Develop real relationships with the people you exist to benefit.
  4. Co-Development – Start generating bold new ideas in a real-time co-creative group session. Learn how to prioritise the right ones. Quickly develop prototypes for testing and feedback. Learn on the fly – save time and prevent over-investment in the wrong idea. Ensure product feasibility and financial viability early on.
  5. Implementation Pathfinder – Take your ideas from the sketchbook to market. Strategically organise activities, tasks, actions and operations to illuminate a timely path to delivery.

Further Services

Graphic & Communications Design – Get your ideas across the line with clarity and power. Our award-winning communications design and brand development expertise will gain buy-in across the board.

Exploring to opportunities for interpreting the  West Australian Ballet  Season 2016 in partnership with  The Mad Empire

Exploring to opportunities for interpreting the West Australian Ballet Season 2016 in partnership with The Mad Empire

What is your investment?

Our workshops provide both practical training for your staff and real outcomes for your business. We guide repeatable group processes best taught with five to seven people boasting diverse experience from within your organisation.  

Workshops include; Preparation Resources, Four Hours Facilitation, Working Materials (lots and lots of Post-Its!), Record Taking, Post-Workshop Outcomes Summary and Recommendations.

Need a more end-to-end approach?

Choose one or more of the five workshops outlined above or let us create a custom process just for you. Project work (e.g. a Guided Workshop series with Graphic & Communication Design components) is charged by instalment billing over an agreed upon time period to make things easier and more affordable for you. We will find the best way to accommodate your budget.

Guided Workshop
5–7 attendees | 4 hours
$2,200 + gst

Graphic & Communications Design
$140 / hour + gst

Not sure where to start? Get in touch.

We enjoy any conversation about business challenges and opportunities. If you have any questions about what we do or how it might apply to your situation then give us a call or shoot through an email.

Call +61 422 520 552 or email eb@hartblack.com