The Federal Government has switched onto innovation cultures! It's a good day.

I am intrigued to see how this will manifest and the role that Design Thinking and Human-Centred Design will play. Having worked on numerous behavioural and culture design projects over the last couple of years I know how important organisation wide collaboration and co-creation is. I think it shows a misunderstanding of the broader scope of innovation to limit investment to “STEM” subjects as outlined in the following excerpt.

In his first major economic statement as Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull will today unveil a $1 billion plan to foster greater innovation across 11 different Government portfolios. The Government will unveil plans in the areas of tax, research infrastructure, and education in the STEM subjects - science, technology, engineering and maths - in a bid to ‘kick start an innovation culture’.
— Peta Donald, ABC News

Alicia Roth describes how Human Centered Design methods are used at Amway to create innovative solutions.

Innovation is not the singular domain of a narrow group of disciplines.

Innovation can be learned by anyone and should be learned by everyone. Every business should and can benefit. Where diverse expertise is coupled with a human-centered creative process unexpected combinations of ideas result in innovation. 

Have a look at how Amway have adopted Human-Centred Design to innovate around their product and service models.

The Government plan is a great starting point and should provide a platform for discussing the future of innovation cultures in Australia despite my own misgivings. Afterall, the central premise of innovation is questioning the status quo.

If you are intrigued to know how you might instill a process for innovation within the culture of your organisation I would love to hear from you!