Hart Black is Euan Black and I am he! I am a truly passionate consultant and the work I undertake with you will be largely completed in a workshop format. Workshops last for 4 hours and tackle a specific activity or group of activities from the Human-Centred Design (HCD) process.

The main services that I offer can be viewed here.

I have experience with the following kinds of organisational challenge across a large variety of sectors, however, the beauty of HCD is that is can be applied to any kind of organisation, every kind of problem-solving challenge and it is repeatable allowing for continued innovation.

  • Product & Service Innovation
  • Behaviour & Motivation Design
  • Communications Design
  • Environmental (Spaces) Interaction Design
  • Journey Mapping
  • Empathy Mapping
  • Holistic Brand Development (Product/Behaviour/Communications/Environments)

If you are new to HCD (often referred to as Design Thinking) I can highly recommend the following introductory articles:

David Thomsen writes about 'Why Human-Centred Design Matters' on wired.com


Jon Kolko writes 'Human-Centred Design Comes of Age' in Harvard Business Review (Cover Story, September 2015)


if you prefer your information visual (like me) this video by IDEO for the ideo.org Design Kit really says it all in a beautiful and simple way.

Credit : http://www.designkit.org/

I love to meet new people and help them reframe the challenges they face to spark a new direction for progress.